Typically 40% of the land surveying projects performed by Terrasurvey Inc. involve partitions, property line                             adjustments, boundary surveys and topographic surveys for residences in and around Ashland, Medford, and                       Jackson County.  Our clients for these projects include local homeowners, architects, contractors and landscape                architects.

          Jackson Creek Shopping Center Medford, Oregon...Construction Staking
          United Rental Site Roseburg, Oregon...Site Survey
          Mountain View Plaza Shopping Center Central Point, Oregon...Partition Plat
          Ashland Community Food Store Ashland, Oregon...Boundary & Topographic Mapping
          Rays Market Jacksonville, Oregon...Boundary & Topographic Mapping
          Providence Stewart Meadows Medical Plaza Medford, Oregon...Boundary, Partition Plat, Topographic Mapping,
                                                                                                      & Construction Staking
          Stewart Meadows Village Medford, Oregon...Boundary, Partition Plat, Topographic Mapping,
                                                                           & Construction Staking (Ongoing)

          Omni America North Medford Cell Tower Site...Site Survey
          Williams Communication Fiber Optic Regeneration Site   Chiloqin, Oregon...Site Survey
          Williams Communication Fiber Optic Regeneration Site   Klamath Falls, Oregon...Site Survey
          Williams Communication Fiber Optic Regeneration Site, Northern California
          Site surveys for seven sites in Northern California in Colusa County, Solano County, Sonoma
          County, Lake County and Mendocino County


          Freeman Road Property Line Adjustment   City of Central Point...Boundary Survey
          City of Ashland Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project No.02-10...Topographic Mapping
          Calle Guanajuato Stairway Replacement Project, Ashland Oregon...Topographic Mapping 
          Nevada Street Local Improvement District Ashland, Oregon...Topographic mapping & Consruction Staking
          Bear Creek Trunk Sewer, Phase 5 Ashland. Oregon...Topographic Mapping & Construction Staking
          City of Ashland Main & Raw Water Line Upgrade...Topographic Mapping & Construction Staking
          City of Ashland Hosler Dam Monitoring...Biannual (Ongoing)
          City of Ashland Street 2004 Street Improvement Project No 04-05...Topographic Mapping, Right of Way &
                                                                                                           Construction Staking
          Talent Urban Renewal, Ace hardware Site Talent, Oregon...Site Survey
          Church Street Upgrades Talent, Oregon...Topographic Mapping & Right of Way Mapping
          City of Talent reservoir study...Site Survey
          City of Ashland 2005 Street Improvement Project No. 2005-34...Topographic Mapping, Right of Way &
                                                                                                      Construction Staking 
          City of Ashland Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Relocation Project Ashland, Oregon...Topographic Mapping

         Bureau of Land Management Medford Warehouse...Site Survey
         Bureau of Land Management Rand Administration Site Galice, Oregon...Site Survey
         Jackson County Bridge Replacement Project 2004...Site Survey
         Bureau of Reclamation Ashland Creek Fish Diversion Project...Site Survey

          Chuck Roberts Park,  Talent, Oregon...Topographic Mapping
          Lithia Park Band Shell Handicap Access...Topographic Mapping
          Lithia Park Japanese Garden...Topographic Mapping
          City of Ashland Garfield Park Splash Pad...Topographic Mapping & Construction Staking

          Ashland Community Hospital Surgical Wing...Construction Staking
          Ashland Community Hospital Expansion Project...Topographic Mapping & Construction Staking

          Habitat for Humanity Sequoia Park PUD Central Point, Oregon...Boundary/Subdivision
          Bear Creek Green Way Hiking Trail Ashland Oregon...Topographic Mapping
          Jackson Nature Center Medford, Oregon...Topographic Mapping
          Medford Senior Center Medford, Oregon....Topographic Mapping, Property Boundary Surveying
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